LDS Robot Vacuum Cleaner

2,100Pa suction power
LDS laser navigation
Intelligent path planning
Human-AI interaction

LDS Laser Navigation
Precise Positioning, Real-Time Image

LDS high precision laser distance sensor, with 6m maximum scanning radius, 6r/s scanning rate, 2160 laser scanning points, and 360° scanning distance measurement, capable of real-time feedback to obtain distance data.


3D SLAM algorithm + App Remote Control
More Comprehensive Path Planning, More convenient Life

Robust chip + 3D SLAM algorithm, up to 90% cleaning coverage, C5L dynamically surveys and plans the path and intelligently and precisely draws a region-specific map for cleaning. It cleans the house in a bow-shaped manner. The dust has nowhere to hide.


13-type Highly Sensitive Sensors
Sense More, Precisely Avoiding Obstacles

13 types of 27 groups of high-sensitivity sensors, an intelligent perception of the shape of obstacles, accurate obstacle avoidance. Even in complex home environments, the cleaning is still carried out excellently.


2,100pa Suction Power + 2+1 Cleaning System
More Efficient Cleaning

2,100Pa large airflow brushless motor, can run for over 1,500 hours. Coupled with up to 2,100Pa suction capacity, it can achieve thorough cleaning of dust and debris in no time. 2+1 cleaning system, the roller brush and side brushes that rotate at high speed can effectively lift dust, hair, debris from every nook and cranny. With C5L, you deserve the cleanest home.


Smarter than ever
Auto-recharge and resume scanning from the breakpoint

When the cleaning is complete, the cleaner automatically plans the path and returns to the dock for recharging. During cleaning, the cleaner automatically returns to the dock for recharging if the battery is lower than 20%. When the battery is 80%, the cleaner resumes cleaning from the breakpoint, which avoids repetitive cleaning.


Sleek and Slim Design

9.1 cm slim body, easily go to the bottom of furniture
Climb thresholds, rails, and carpets as high as 20 mm at ease


Unboxing video

Corrugated Packaging Box

    Recyclable | Easily Degraded
    Made of 70% - 100% Reusable Material
    Edible for Animals


    *The voice prompt of C5L only supports German/French/Spanish.

    *After acceptance of C5L, it may not work due to insufficient power, please charge it first.

    *Max 2100Pa (Static Pressure): With a DC power supply simulating a fully charged mainframe (12.4V), loaded on the positive and negative terminals of the blower, test the suction power at the brush roll opening of the mainframe dust box under static pressure in the laboratory, and record the maximum displayed suction power and the average value of the three tests. 
    Max 1500Pa (Dust box inlet): With the battery fully charged directly in the main unit, in the laboratory under static pressure, with the power mode on, test the suction power at the dust box brush outlet of the main unit, record the maximum displayed suction power and the average value of the three tests.

    *The values of obstacle height, battery capacity, cleaning area, etc. are typical of standard measurement methods in a laboratory environment. Actual values may vary due to changes in environments or test methods.

    *When you first download and use the CHiQ ROBOT App, the language in the App will be the same as the system language of your phone. If you switch the system language, the language in the App will not change accordingly, and you need to change it manually.

    *CHiQ C5L works in the Standard Mode by default and can be switched to the Quiet Mode or Powerful Mode via the CHiQ ROBOT App. Different modes provide various experiences. The Quiet Mode has a low noise level and can be used when people are around. The Powerful Mode has a high cleaning capacity and is suitable for use when the floor is dirty, while the Standard Mode balances noise and cleaning capacity.

    *When the CHiQ ROBOT App is successfully connected to the CHiQ C5L, users can view the cleaning map and current status of the C5L from anywhere at any time. The C5L will push information to the phone when the timed cleaning starts, an error is reported or the dust box has not been cleaned for a long time.

    *If the CHiQ C5L is missed, you can use the location function within the CHiQ ROBOT App, and the C5L will send out voice prompts to help you locate it.

    *The product images on the product station pages are for illustrative purposes only. The actual effect of the product (including but not limited to appearance, color, size, etc.) may vary slightly. The actual product prevails. There may be differences due to manual photography and hand measurement.

    CHiQ does not certify the quality or authenticity of products purchased from non authorized resellers, and will not cover claims, provide service or offer replacements for products purchased from these sellers.


    A necessary condition for clean mopping is sufficient friction between the mopping cloth and the ground, that is, the pressure applied must be large enough. The current sweeping robot can not provide the pressure required for mopping, the so-called mopping is only to wet the ground. Meanwhile, the mopping cloth of the sweeping robot is small, the capacity of the water tank is also limited, so in the operation process users may often need to change the water cleaning manually, otherwise, the floor will be dirtier. With the addition of the water tank and mopping module, the sweeper's ability to cross obstacles is somewhat reduced, especially for thicker carpets, which require a more demanding obstacle-crossing capability. There is a risk of water seepage from the robot with a mopping function, especially if the home is a large floor or carpeted environment, and water seepage can pose a considerable problem. Besides, sweeping robots with mopping functions generally have problems such as large size and fast power consumption. Combining these considerations, CHiQ C5L does not add a mopping function.

    CHiQ C5L is equipped with an LDS high-precision laser distance sensor that scans the room at 6 x 360°/sec to locate information about objects in space. At the same time, C5L is also loaded with 13 types of sensors, 27 groups in total, which are available in mainstream robots to intelligently sense the shape of obstacles and precisely avoid them. The C5L makes full use of numerous sensors to obtain distance data in real-time. Through powerful core processing, with SLAM algorithms that simulate how the human brain is thinking, it achieves precise positioning. It constructs a map of the whole house so that even in all kinds of complex home environments, it still performs the cleaning excellently.

    CHiQ C5L is equipped with a brushless fan with a high airflow of 2100pa, a 2+1 cleaning system, and a large capacity 5200mAh lithium battery for powerful cleaning capabilities. Under the Standard Mode, the C5L can operate for up to 100 minutes on a full charge and cover an area of 120-150m² in a normal home environment, depending on the complexity of the space.

    CHiQ C5L can be controlled remotely via the App. Open the CHiQ ROBOT App to view the cleaning status in real-time and understand the cleaning progress through the real-time map. In addition, cleaning tasks can be scheduled at any time or reserved in advance, and the cleaning process can be switched between three cleaning modes at will to ensure that the cleaning is completed perfectly.

    The CHiQ C5L's main brush, side brush, dust box, and filter can all be cleaned with water. After being washed and thoroughly dried, they can be put back into use, extending the life of the accessories. The CHiQ ROBOT App monitors the life cycle of the C5L's three main consumables in real time, prompting users to replace them when they reach the end of their useful life. Users can purchase the consumables directly from the App Store. After replacement, users can reset and re-calculate the usage time, avoiding forgetting to replace the consumables that could lead to reduced cleaning capacity.

    Virtual walls can be set up directly from the CHiQ ROBOT App to exclude areas that do not need cleaning.

    The charging station of CHiQ C5L requires a space of 0.5m on each side and more than 1m in front of it and placed against a wall. It is generally recommended to place the charging station in an open space such as a living room, but not in a crowded and narrow area where the C5L may not work properly.

    C5L can be controlled by Key and APP. •KEY 1. Open the cover. 2. Keep the switch on. 3. Press the button for 3 secs to turn on the machine. 4. After the voice prompt is finished, press the"power button" briefly to start cleaning. •Wi-Fi 1. Support Android7.0 and newer, iOS11 and newer. Please Find the"CHiQ ROBOT" APP in Google Play or APP store and follow instructions accordingly. 2. After clicking on and downloading the"CHiQ ROBOT" APP, you will then need to create an account (sign up) and register your C5L robot. You will then be prompted to log into your home/office wifi service. 3. Make sure your robot is ready as follows. A. Open the top lid to find the power switch and switch to on. B. Press the power on/off button on top of the robot for 3 seconds to power on the robot. (robot rhythm) C.Wait for few seconds (20-30 secs) to complete the power-on process. (robot speaks robot is ready). 4. To begin pairing to the APP, hold the Power button and the Docking button at the same time. Click back to the "CHiQ ROBOT" APP and you will then be prompted to switch in your.settings from your home or office wifi service to the Clean Pack wifi service during this process. 5.Switch back to the "CHiQ ROBOT" APP and the pairing process starts automatically.

    The LDS laser used by the sweeping robot has very low power, which is an infrared laser with relatively small particles, and the laser is not a ray, so it will not harm animals and humans.

    CHiQ C5L Packing list includes: Machine*1 + Charging station*1 + Adapter*1 + Main brush*1 + Side brush*4 + Filter*2 + Small cleaning brush*1 + Operation guide*1

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